AWS Classroom Series – 18/Mar/2021

Networking in AWS

  • In AWS, we dont control the physical networks but we do create a virtual network which amazon refers a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) as a network for the resources which we create in AWS
  • Lets try to create one AWS ec2 instance Preview Preview

Networking Basics

  • Network is set of devices connected using a medium

  • Each device (host) in a network recieves an IP address for unique identification

  • IP address is also used for data communications across devices

  • Networking principles

    • Two devices can communicate with each other if they are in same network
    • Router can transfer the network packet from one network to other
  • So now lets try to visualize your home network Preview

  • From your home network, you will be able to access

  • Lets understand more about your home network Preview Preview Preview Preview

Basic network design in AWS


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