AWS Classroom Series – 06/Aug/2020

AWS EC2 Concepts (Contd..)

  • AWS is by default a multi tenant environment Preview

Instance Types

  • When we launch an ec2 instance we can choose instance type, so to to simplify amazon categorizes instances into different purpose

  • Categorization by purpose

    • General Purpose:

      • Provide a balance of compute, memory and networking resources.
      • Under General Purpose Amazon has different Instance Types and Sizes
      • Instance Types under General Purpose are
        • A1
        • M5 & M5a
        • M6g and M6gd
        • T2, T3 and T3a
    • Compute Optimized:

      • Are ideal for compute-bound applications, they generally have high cpu to memory ratio
    • Memory Optimized:

      • Are designed to deliver faster performance for workloads that process large data in memory, They have high memory to cpu ratio.
    • Storage Optimized:

      • Are designed for workloads that require high, read and write speeds on local storage.
    • Accelerated Computing

      • Here we have GPU (Graphical processing units) & FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Arrays)
  • For every instance type we will have sizes, these sizes determine

    1. vcpus
    2. memory
    3. Network Speed Preview Preview Preview


Instance Life cycle

  • Instance Life cycle States Preview
  • Instance state:
    • Pending: Ec2 instance is preparing to enter the running state. Instance usage will not be billed.
    • running: The instance is running & ready for use. Instance usage will be billed.
    • stopping: When you are Stop-Hibernating Instance usage will be billed, if your are stopping, you will not be billed
    • stopped: not billed
    • shutting down : not billed
    • Terminate: ec2 instance is permanently deleted and not billed
  • AWS EC2 instance will have the following which are charged
    • Instance
    • Hard disk
    • AMI (Third party AMIs)
  • Any AWS Service may have different pricing across regions (Slightly different prices) Refer Here Preview Preview
  • In EC2 instance depending on which OS you use in AMI, there might be slight differences in pricing Preview Preview
  • Some AMI’s from market place will have software costs Preview Preview

Instance Purchasing Options

  • EC2 provides the following purchasing options to optimize your costs based on your needs
    • On-Demand instances
    • Savings Plan
    • Reserved Instances
    • Scheduled Instances
    • Spot Instances
    • Dedicated Hosts
    • Dedicated Instances
    • Capacity Reservations

On-Demand instances

  • On-Demand instances will have no long term commitments, It is default Purchasing OPtion for ec2 instances. You pay for what you use.
  • You have full control over instance lifecycle.
  • On-Demand Instances lets you pay for the compute capacity by the hour or second (minimum of 60 seconds) with no long-term commitments. Preview

Create estimate of AWS Costs by using Pricing Calculator

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