Azure Classroomnotes 15/Feb/2022

Azure Development

  • If you are an admin brush up your Foundational skills:
  • Cloud Essentials : Refer Here
  • Linux Foundations: Refer Here
  • Windows Foundations and Powershell: Refer Here
  • Creating Azure Free Tier Account Refer Here
  • Creating Virtual Machine Azure Refer Here
  • Azure Free Tier Account
  • Azure Free Account Plan
  • Different Types of Applications Developed By your organizations
  • Web Applications/APIS
  • Mobile Applications
  • Standalone applications
  • Data Storage
    • Big Data
    • Hadoop
    • Spark
    • Datawarehouse & Data Mining
  • AI/ML Applications
  • IOT Applications
  • Main frame
  • Plans/SKUs etc => variants offered by the service
  • Core Services Offered by Azure
  • Azure Virtual Machines => We can create a virtual machine with windows or linux OS, In here you can deploy/install/configure your application.
  • Azure App Service => Here we choose environment (Windows + .net, Linux + Python, Docker etc..) and Directly Deploy/configure your application.

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