Azure Classroom Series – 31/Dec/2020

Azure Disk Storages

  • In Azure Disks i.e. storage volumes for the vm can be created using
    • Storage Account – Page Blobs
    • Managed Disk
  • So lets create an azure linux vm using Page Blobs Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Now lets look into contents of storage account for the page blob created Preview Preview
  • Now lets add additional data disk to the vm Preview Preview Preview
  • As of now we have add two page blobs to our vm Preview
  • Now lets login into this linux vm and verify how many disks are attached to vm Preview
  • we observe one additional disk which we have not created, this disk is called as temp disk and it is created from the same physical machine where vm is created.
  • The Size of this temp disk depends on vm type
  • Number of data disks that can be added to the vm also depends on vm type Preview
  • Lets look at mounts Preview
  • We dont see the data disk over here as we have added a raw page blob which doesnt have any file system
  • So lets create file system and mount it on /projects folder Preview
  • if you want this mounting to persist with restarts, use fstab
  • Exercise: Repeat the same steps on Windows OS

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