Azure Classroom Series – 06/May/2020

Azure Data Studio

  • To Manage Databases, Microsoft has following Product line
  • If you are developer, you are just querying , viewing results etc then Azure Data Studio
  • If you are doing Harcore DBA activities, then SQL Server Management Studio is for you
  • Azure Data Studio Can be be used to connect to other database engines like Postgres, Azure Dataware House

How about Oracle Database in Azure

  1. Navigate to Azure Market Place and launch Azure Oracle DB Preview
  2. Navigate to Oracle Solutions over here and Preview

Azure Cosmos DB

  • For SQL vs NoSQL Refer Here

  • Azure Cosmos DB has API Support for

    • Mongo DB
    • Cassandra
    • Gremlin
    • Etcd
    • Table
  • Popular Use cases:

    • NoSQL is widely used from Application Codes (C#, Java, python, JavaScript, etc)
    • For Big Data, ML etc NoSQL Databases are widely used. Preview
  • Creation:

    • Create a Azure Cosmos Db Accoutn with the API of your choice Preview Preview

Azure Synapse Analytics

  • It is analytics Service which brings dataware house and Big Data Analytics together
  • Basic Components Preview
  • Refer Here

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