Completek8s Classroomnotes 21/Jul/2023

Kubernetes Contd

  • Kubernetes interacts over REST API and since this is difficult to compose REST api requests there is a command line tools called as kubectl
  • K8s clusters are generally multi-node clusters,

    • for development purposes we can make k8s work on a single node (desktop)
      • minikube
    • production grade clusters
      • self hosted
        • bare metal
        • kube-adm
      • managed k8s clusters
        • GKE (Google k8s engine)
        • AKS (Azure K8s Services)
        • EKS (Elastic K8s Services)
  • Refer Here for k8s official docs
  • Turnkey k8s solutions Refer Here
  • kube-spray vs kube-adm Refer Here

Kubeadm Single Master K8s Cluster

  • Architecture:
  • Refer Here for docs of installing kubernetes using kube adm

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