DevOps Classroom Series – 07/Feb/2020


Where is it used?

  • For any container deployments which require
    • automatic scaling
    • micro services
    • volumes mounted to EBS, Azure Disks or most of third party virtual disks
    • Zero down time deployments
    • Effective Load Balancer integrations

Why Kubernetes

  • It was written by Google and then they made it OpenSource.
  • Google has inhouse products
    • Borg
    • Omega
  • Kubernetes is build based out of google’s experiences with Borg and Omega.
  • Kubernetes runs anywhere (AWS, Azure, IOT , Linux, Windows, etc..)

Basic Working Style on Kubernetes

  • Create manifests (Specifications) with minimal information which will be desired state.
  • This manifest will be written in YAML.

Kubernetes Architecture (First View)


  • User connects with Kubernetes Master and Master gets the work done (desired state == actual state) on nodes (minions).
  • Kubernetes has two popular ways of communication to master from user
    • Command line:
      • kubectl is the command line tool
      • kubectl works in declarative and imperative way
        • for declarative way we use YAML
    • Rest API
      • JSON based Rest API is exposed

Pet vs Cattle


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