DevOps Classroomnotes 19/Feb/2023

Reusable Job and stage Templates

Service Connections


  • Extensions in Azure DevOps are additional functionality provided by community.
  • W.r.t YAML pipelines, Extensions give us extra tasks.
  • Tasks in AzureDevOPs are implemented in nodejs
  • Refer Here for an extension which helps in using terraform from yaml task
  • To develop custom tasks Refer Here
  • Lets install an extension for Terraform
  • AWS DevOps Toolkit for Azure DevOps pipelines Refer Here and Refer Here for marketplace

Handling Artifacts

  • How to archive build artifacts
  • Azure DevOps has a task to copy the artifacts to
    • Azure pipelines
    • File Shares
  • Refer Here for task definition
  • Refer Here for reusable template
  • The work done so far is copied to folder. To download the published artifact we have a task Refer Here
  • To store artifacts we have special softwares such as nexus, jfrog etc. Azure DevOps offers Azure Artifacts for the same purpose
  • Azure Artifacts Refer Here
  • used goal deploy Refer Here
  • Azure Artifacts deploy ( Lets see this tomorrow)
  • Next Steps:

    • Releases and Release Pipelines
    • Secrets
    • Code, Docker & k8s Scan (DevSecOps on Azure DevOps Pipelines)
    • Azure Artifacts for maven

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