Linux Classroom Series – 14/Sept/2020

How are Regexes Implemented

  • Lets look at very simple regular expressions

  • Lets use this website for understanding regex Refer here

  • Lets look at a simple expression /free/ Preview

  • Now lets try to write a expression /free|fred/.

    • The possibilities in implementation are Preview Preview
    • Regexes use NDFA because of simple implementation.
  • In Regex every character is a instruction

  • Now lets look at complex regex abc|ab(s(t|e)|su) Preview

  • Next Steps:

    1. Regex Instruction set
    2. Meta-syntax
    3. Control Structures
    4. Substring Extraction & Assertions
  • Exercise:

    1. Write a shell script to install chef server Refer Here for both redhat and ubuntu and use functions.

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