AWS Classroom Series – 26/Aug/2020

Lets Explore disk options in AWS

  • To understand how to a ec2 instance in AWS Refer Here
  • EBS volumes behave much like any other block devices
  • Lets create an ec2 instance with focus on disk storage
  • While creating an ec2 instance we choose instance type & This instance type has a very important setting instance storage
    • The instance storage option tells whether you can create instance store for this instance or not.
      • If instance storage has a value EBS only it means you cannot create instance store for this ec2 instance type Preview
      • If instance storage has a value like shown below, then you have an option to create instance store for the selected ec2 instance type Preview
    • Lets proceed with t2.micro (this instance type doesn’t support instance storage) Preview
    • In AWS if the volume type is root, it means this is a disk with OS in it. This volume is always EBS irrespective of instance type. Preview
    • There is an option available to change disk type & size for the root ebs volume and also encryption.
    • Delete on termination is checked which means whenever ec2 instance is deleted, the ebs volume also gets deleted. But we have an option to unselect this Preview Preview
    • While creating ec2 instance we have option to add additional disks. for this instance type we can add only ebs volumes Preview Preview
    • There are two other options IOPS & throughput which we will look into later
    • Now lets add a ebs volume of size 1 GiB Preview
    • Now navigate to the storage tab in the instance details Preview Preview
    • Now lets login into ubuntu to verify the same (whether we have two disks attached or not) Preview Preview
    • The EBS volumes attached to the ec2 instance will not have any filesystem by default, so we need to format the ebs volume before we use.
    • Let’s create the similar operation for AWS ec2 instance with windows os Preview Preview Preview
    • If you format and attach this disk then you can see a new drive added to windows Preview
  • t2.micro is a instance type which allows you to use 750 hours of ec2 instance in a month for free
  • EC2 instance is charged when it is running, whereas ebs volume is charged irrespective of ec2 instance state.
  • Lets see what is free for ebs volumes Preview

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