Azure Classroomnotes 24/Jun/2023


  • Azure Account is composed of
    • subscriptions
    • tenants
  • A subscription can be connected to only one tenant, whereas one tenant can be linked with multiple subscriptions
  • Azure Subscription support plans Refer Here
  • Free tier: 12 months (some services) + Always free services + 200 $ (1 month expiry) Refer Here
  • Refer Here for knowing limits and quotas of your account


  • In Azure Virtual Networks is a service for creating networks
  • Any resources can be connected in a subnet not virtual network directly
  • Virtual Network and subnets are scoped to Region/Location in Azure
  • Azure Virtual Network can have multiple subnets and every virtual network will have a default routes that enable all the internal communication.
  • Default behavior can be changed
  • When we create a vm in azure the following networking components will be created
    • virtual network with one subnet
    • network interface with private ip
    • network security group
    • public ip address which can access the network interface

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