DevOps Classroom Series – 17/Apr/2021

GKE ingress issue

  • IN GKE when we use ingress the service type should be NodePort or Loadbalancer
  • the fix is submitted over here Refer Here

Azure Kuberenetes Services (AKS)

  • AKS simplifies deploying a managed k8s cluster by offloading the operational overhead to Azure
  • Azure handles
    • health monitoring
    • maintenance
  • Azure doesnot charge for cluster
  • We can create an AKS Cluster from Azure CLI/Azure Powershell/Azure Portal
  • Lets deploy a sample deployment in aks Preview Preview
  • Now delete the deployment
  • Scaling number of nodes in aks cluster
az aks scale --resource-group myResourceGroup --name myAKSCluster --node-count 3 --nodepool-name nodepool1


Storage in AKS

  • To define different tiers of storage such as premium and stadard we can define storage classes.
  • In AKS we have four initial StorageClass
    • default: Uses Azure Standard SSD storage to create a managed disk.
    • managed-premium: Use azure Premium storage to create managed disk
    • azurefile: uses standard storage to create an Azure file share
    • azurefile-premium: uses premimum storage to create an Azure file share
  • Lets create a sample pod to use Azure Disk with dynamic provisioning Refer Here Preview Preview Preview
  • Refer Here to create a static disk
  • Refer Here to create a dynamic pv using azure file

Network in AKS

  • Lets use a loadbalancer in Azure Refer Here for the changeset
  • Deploy the service and deployment Preview Preview
  • Refer Here for creating an ingress
  • Sample used Refer Here Preview

AWS Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS)

  • AWS EKS is a managed service that we can use to run k8s on AWS without needing to install, operated and maintain own k8s control plane
  • Install eksctl, kubectl and ensure iam is configured
  • Now create the cluster following the documentation Refer Here Preview
  • Refer Here for the loadbalancing sample
  • Lets create basic networking with load balancers Preview
  • To create ingress Refer Here
  • annotations in aws for load balancers Refer Here
  • Refer Here for the ingress sample
  • Refer Here to understand storage and networking in aws and other clouds

Next Steps:

  • Horizontal pod autoscaling
  • docker private registries
  • Helm Charts
  • Istio Service Mesh
  • Openshift

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