AWS Classroomnotes 18/Feb/2023

AWS Purchasing Options for EC2

  • AWS has following Purchasing Options for EC2. Refer Here for official numbers
    • On demand:
      • We have no commitments with AWS
      • This is the higest priced option and it will be charged
        • per hour
        • per second
      • EC2 pricing will be done only when instance is in running state
    • Spot Instances:
      • We can save costs on under utilized ec2 instance hardwares in aws regions
      • On-demand price
      • Spot price
      • If the demand increases, spot instance will be evicted.
    • Reserved Instances:
      • Here we give 1 year or 3 years commitment to AWS
      • Reserved has two options
        • Standard Reserved Instances
        • Convertible Reserved Instances
      • Payment Options
        • No Upfront
        • Partial Upfront
        • All upfront
    • Dedicated Host: We reserve the physical servers and here also we have on-demand and reserved options. Refer Here
    • Capacity Reservations: Refer Here

Lets create Pricing Estimates

  • I have an application which is running in production which requires 10 C series with 16 cores. out of which 7 are required to run the application. This application is in production for last year and has a road map for next 5 years.
    • Solution:
      • 3 years no upfront for 7 servers
      • three servers spot instances
  • I have and application which requires

    • 7 servers in 3 regions
    • each server should be memory optimized and requires atleast 32 gb of RAM
    • each server also requires 100 GB disk
    • Operating system in Linux
    • During peak times each regions max capacity will be 15 servers
  • I have an application which requires

    • 2 servers
    • server should be storage optimized
    • requires 16 GB of RAM
    • Usage is not constant, random spike/peak usage
    • This application is not guaranteed to run for more than a year

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