AWS Classroomnotes 05/Apr/2022

AWS Account

  • To create an AWS Free tier Account Refer Here
  • An account in AWS is a fundamental part of accessing AWS Services.
  • An AWS account serves as the fundamental security boundary in AWS.
  • If you have multiple AWS accounts, then AWS recommends to use AWS Organizations Refer Here
  • While Creating an AWS Account
    • We generally go with free tier Account
    • Organizations might add Support Plans to their account Refer Here
  • Once We create an AWS Account, Each Account will have the
    • AWS Account Id:
      • A 12 digit number that uniquely identifies an AWS Account
      • Any resource which we create in AWS also has unique name and that is referred as Amazon Resource Names (ARNs)
    • Root user: This is the user who had created the account and will have full control on the account including billing management. For the root user email and password are the credentials to sign in to AWS account.
  • One AWS accont can be used by Multiple Users
  • AWS has a service called as IAM (Identity and Access Management) which is responsible for authentication and authorization of users/programs into AWS Accounts

IAM Exploration

  • Login into AWS Console Refer Here and enter credentials
  • Access Management
    • Users
    • Usergroups
    • Roles (We will discuss about this in our next session)
    • Policies => here we can define the authorization policy
    • Identity Providers
    • Account Settings


  • try to think of authentication & authorization play for scenario below.

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