Active Directory Classroom Series – 19/Oct/2020

Active Directory

  • Key Terms
    • Organization
    • Authentication
    • Authorization
  • Need for central database for authentication & authorization Preview
  • Not all enterprises have one location (branches,etc), we need active directory to replicate the data Preview
  • High availability
  • Security
  • Auditing capabilities
  • Single Sign-on
  • Querying and indexing

Lab Setup:

Understanding AD Components

  • AD components can be divided into
    • Logical Components
    • Physical Components
  • Consider any forest and we will have different tribes and animal species who belong to the forest and they will have their own boundary and child items Preview

AD Logical Components

  • Active Logical Structure contains two types of objects
    • Container objects: can contain other objects
    • Leaf objects
  • Forest: Every organization has only one forest
  • Domain: Collection of users, groups, systems and printers in an organizational boundary
  • DomainTrees:
  • Organization Units

AD Physical Components

  • Domain Controller:
  • Global Catalog
  • Active Directory Sites

Setup of Active Directory

  • Create a Windows Server 2016
  • Follow the instructions as present in the video

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