AZURE Backup and Recovery Series – 16/Sep/2019

Backup Services

Azure Backup Service

  • What can be backed up?
    • Harddiks
    • VMs
    • Storage Account
    • Database Backups
  • Which Service is Used To Create Backups?
    • Azure Site Recovery => Vault Preview

Lets Explore

  1. Create an azure linux vm (also try windows vm)
  2. Create azure recovery services vault in the new resource group
  3. In the Recovery Service vault add backup and select vm
  4. Navigate to vm and select the backup blade in operations section. Click backup now.

Backup Process So far

  1. Backup => Backup policy => when to take back up => How many days backups should i keep

Lab set up for next class

  1. Create an Azure SQL Database with Sample Data.

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