Azure Classroom Series – 05/Mar/2021

Azure App Service

  • Custom Domain Mapping
  • Authentication and authorization using External providers
  • In Azure App Service, if we want to deploy an application developed in a technology not natively supported by Azure App Service, we can use docker container based azure app services
    • Here we can create a linux/windows based docker container and deploy the application Refer Here

Running background tasks in Azure App Serice

  • Background task is a kind of application which doesnot have a web interface, this task will be executing a script or a program.
  • Azure App Service supports WebJobs for this

Next Steps

  • In a conventional web application deployment, we have two options
    • Deploying on Azure VM
    • Deploying on Azure App Service
  • In the both cases, the underlying infrastructure should be running all the time and we pay hourly for the infrastructure used
  • Even if the application is accessed for few hours in a day, we need to pay for 24 hours in a day, We will try to overcome this by learning serverless technologies (Azure Functions)

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