AWS Classroom Series – 10/Jan/2020

Code Commit

  • A Git Repository from AWS
  • Can be authenticated for an IAM user using following protocols
    • https
    • git (ssh)

Configuring SSH authentication to Code Commit Repository on linux machine

  • Create an ubuntu ec2 instance and execute the following commands
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install git -y
  • Create an AWS Code Commit Repository
  • Now Configure the git for linux machines from here
  • Create and configure key in linux
# enter path as /home/ubuntu/.ssh/codecommit_rsa
  • Create a file with name config in ~/.ssh
touch config
  • Navigate to IAM user with codecommit permissions and upload ssh key (/home/ubuntu/.ssh/

  • add the following content to config

Host git-codecommit.*
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/codecommit_rsa
  • Execute the following commands

ssh -v
  • Now navigate to Code commit and get the clone url for ssh and
git clone <ssh url from code commit>

Extract Transform And Load (ETL)

  • Consider the following Scenario Preview

  • When the data from one system / format has to be imported into other system, in many cases it is not straight forward so

    • Extract the needed information
    • Transform i.e. making necessary changes to suit the needs
    • Load i.e. import into destination
  • Whenever you are working with data, to support ETL on AWS, a Service called AWS Glue is provided.

API Gateway

  • API Gateway is an interface on top of the apis developed
  • API Gateways can provide
    • Logging
    • Authentication
    • Traffic Control
    • Tracing
    • Operations

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