DevOps Classroom Series – 06/Jan/2021

High level Archtecture of Configuration management (CM)

  • In CM we have two types of servers
    • Node:
      • Where we would like to configure/deploy application
    • CM Server
      • Where the CM Software is installed Preview
  • Now lets just consider one node and CM Server interactions to define architectural models Preview
  • Push based CM:
    • In Push based CM, CM Server needs to communicate with nodes i.e. CM Server needs to know the nodes (list of nodes)
    • CM Server will login into the node and execute the configuration, so we need the credentials of the node
  • PULL Based CM:
    • Node will be communicating with CM. So nodes to communicate with Server needs to have agents installed in them
    • CM Server need not know list of nodes, it just needs to validate if the request is coming from right agent Preview

Chef Configuration Management Server & It Components

  • In Chef for pull based CM we have 3 System Types
    • Chef Infra Server (Chef Server)
    • Chef Client (Nodes)
    • Chef Workstation Preview

What are the configurations which we develop in chef on workstations

  • Chef uses terminology of kitchens & chefs
  • Cookbooks:
    • Cookbook will have recipes
    • Each recipe will somehow mention the desired state using resources
  • So in chef we write cookbooks for our node configuration and upload them to chef server.
  • We also configure on which node which recipe which has to be executed
  • So when node asks for configurations chef server responds by giving recipes to be executed on the node.

Lab Setup

  • Initially lets not install chef server but lets use the hosted chef server.
  • For Nodes we will be using (Ensure you have atleast one cloud account)
    • Azure
    • AWS
  • Workstation will be your laptop.

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