Azure Classroom Series – 17/Mar/2021

Networking in Azure

  • Azure has a global backbone network which connects every region using a Azure developed dedicated line Preview
  • In every region we have server infrastructure, so there is connectivity b/w physical servers of azure accross regions Preview
  • As the user/architect of azure this physical network is not our concern, we should be intrested in the network where our azure resources will be created.
  • This network where azure resources will be created is a virtual network Preview
  • To understand this virtual network we need to understand some networking aspects
    • LAN
    • IP Address (IpV4)
    • Subnetting
    • CIDR
    • NAT
    • TCP
    • Load Balancing
    • DNS

Networking Basics

Understanding home networks

  • Lets look at our home wifi connections Preview
  • All the devices in our home are connected to wifi router which creates a network
  • To uniquely identify a device connected to a network, each devices gets an unique ip address. Preview
  • Can we communicate b/w two devices in a home network?
    • Yes because they are in same network
  • Can we directly b/w two devices in two different networks?
    • I Cannot directly communicate b/w two wifi networks directly there should be some kind of connection b/w them

Basic concepts of network

  • Two devices can communicate with each other if they are in same network
  • To forward the packet from one network to other network we need an external device called as router
  • How my network connects to (or any other) Preview Preview

How can network know whether we are communicating with device in same network or different network

  • Execute ipconfig on your machine in a terminal Preview
  • What is subnet mask and Default Gateway?
  • Default Gateway is the ipaddress of the router
  • Subnet mask helps
    • in identifying the network id and host id
    • to determine size of your network

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