Azure Classroom Series – 28/Oct/2020

Networking Basics

  • Ipaddress:
    • Is an unique id given to the system to in a network to communicated Preview

    • How would a network assign an ip address?

    • When i check for ipconfig i’m getting subnet mask and default gateway. What is relevance of Subnet mask & Default Gateway in a network? Preview

How would Network assign an ipaddress

  • Network assigns ip addresses to the device based on the network range defined while creating network.
  • Create a network with a range of ipaddress from to
  • Lets try to understand ip address
    • IpV4 (Internet Protocol Version 4):
      • This scheme has 32 bit ip addresss grouped as 4 Octects. The ip will be in the format of x.x.x.x where x is an octet(8 bits) Preview
      • Each Octet can have a minimum value of 0 and max of 255, so ip address range will be to
      • We have to fit in these ranges for all the machines in the world
      • While creating a network i would be defining the ip address range from the above ip range.
      • When i create a network, we need to decide if it is public network (accessible over internet) or Private Network.
      • IP V4 has specific ranges for reserved ip address for private network
        • to
        • to
        • to
      • When a device is connected to the network, device will be assigned an ip address using a DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Server from the network range.
    • IpV6 (Internet Protocol Version 6)
      • This schemed uses 128-bit addressing

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