Azure Classroom Series – 24/Sept/2020

Work Assigned to Jacob (Azure Administrator at LT)

  • Lets find out the work assigned
    1. Provision the Infrastructure for deploying the application as shown below Preview
    2. This architecture has to be deployed for
      • DEV
      • QA
      • UAT
      • PROD
    3. Monitoring & Logging needs to be enabled
  • Lets look at possible options
    1. Do this manually
      • Not Sensible
    2. CLI/Powershell:
      • Makes sense
      • But Changes are difficult to handle
    3. ARM Templates (Infrastructure as Code)
      • Azure automatically creates arm templates for everything which you create Preview
      • Enterprise needs recommend writing arm templates and then creating infra.

ARM templates

  • The templates are written in JSON & they enable Infrastructure as Code for Azure Cloud.
  • Lets create infrastructure from sample template [Refer Here] and click on Deploy to Azure Preview Preview Preview
  • Prereqs for creating ARM Templates:
    • JSON:
    • Knowledge of Manually Creating Resources
    • Editor (Visual Studio Code)

Azure Resource Manager

  • Architecture: Preview
  • This architecture helps us in
    • Parallel resource creation
    • Multi region resource creation
    • Automation
    • Management & Governance
  • ARM Templates can created for creating resources, They also have scopes
    • Subscription
    • Resource Group
    • Management Group

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