Azure Classroom Series – 25/Feb/2021

Azure App Service

  • This is HTTP(s) based service hosting for web applications, REST APIs and mobile backends
  • App Engine Supports applications written in
    • .NET
    • .NET CORE
    • Java
    • Python
    • Node Js
    • Ruby
    • Docker Containers
  • App Service run and scales with ease on Linux and Windows Environments
  • App Service Plans:
    • App Service plan defines a set of compute resources for web app to run
    • Each App Service plan defines
      • Region
      • Number of VM instances
      • Size of VM Instances (Small, Medium, Large )
      • Pricing Tier (Free, Shared, Basic, Standard, Premium, Premium V2, Premium V3, Isolated )
  • Pricing Tier determines App Service Features and how much we pay for the plan. There are the following categories on app service pricing tier
    • Shared Compute:
      • Free and Shared are the two base tiers are part of this category
      • This tiers allocate CPU quotas to each app that runs on shared resources.
      • Shared resources cannot be scaled out
    • Dedicated Compute:
      • Basic, Standard, Premium, Premium V2, Premium V3 tiers run apps on dedicated Azure Vms
      • Only Apps in same App service plan share the same compute resources.
      • Scale out is possible
    • Isolated:
      • Isolated tier runs on Azure Vms on dedicated networks
      • This offers network isolatation on top of compute isolation Preview Preview
  • Lets Explore Features for Windows App Service Plans Preview Preview Preview
  • Exercise: Explore features for Linux App Service Plans as well

Lets Explore App Service using various Technologies

Python on Linux

curl -sL | sudo bash
az login
  • Ensure python 3 is installed
python3 --version
  • Clone the code of the python sample
git clone

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