Azure Classroom Series – 03/Jan/2021

Terms in Disk Performance

  • IOPS: Storage type which we select (SSD /HDD) which will decide how fast disks are & this is measured in IOPS (Input/Output Operations per second )
  • Througput: This is amount of data that your application is sending the the storage disk in a second
  • IOPS vs Throughput:
    • IOPS * I/O Size = throughput.
  • latency: Reading and writing takes time. Latency is the time it takes for you app to send a request to the disk and get response
  • To reduce this disk latency Disk Caching
  • Disk caching:
    • Caching uses specialized & sometimes expensive temporary storage that has faster read & write performace than permanent
    • Read Caching: tries to speed up the data retrieval
    • Write Caching: tries to speed up writing data to persistent storage

Cache Options for Azure VMs

  • We have following options
    • Read/Write
    • Read-only
    • None
  • Os disk:
    • Read-only, Read/Write (default), None can be set
  • Data Disk
    • Read-only (default), Read-write and None can be set
  • Temporary disk: disk caching is not supported

Azure File Shares

  • Create a windows server and linux system Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • We can use Azure file share to create a network file share using SMB Protocol to vms in Azure and also to windows/linux/mac machines on-premise. Preview
  • Create a Storage account and naviagate to fileshare blade Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Now login into the windows server created and mount the file share
    • Launch Powershell as administrator Preview
    • Now copy the command and run it in powershell Preview Preview Preview
  • Now lets mount this file share on a linux vm Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • To enable identity based authentication for Active directory users Refer Here
  • If your organization wants to use azure file share using NFS protocol Refer Here

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