Azure Classroom Series – 22/Dec/2020

Creating and Managing Storage Account using Azure CLI

  • The primary reason for using command line tools such as Azure CLI/ Azure Powershell is Automation.
  • Azure CLI is developed in python. Azure cli is simple to use.
  • The basic structure of azure cli command is
az <service> <sub-service> <action> <parameters>
az group create --location eastus --name learning
  • Using Azure CLI Effectively.
  • Navigate to Azure cli documentation Refer Here Preview
  • Lets write down the steps to create azure storage account
    • create a resource group Preview Preview
    • Ensure Azure CLI Extension in Visual Studio Code is installed. To Install the necessary softwares Refer Here Preview
    • Lets create a resource group with name fromcli and location eastus Preview
    • Refer Here for the changes
    • Now lets add a storage account Preview
    • Refer Here for the changes Preview
    • Lets create a container Refer Here
    • Now lets try to upload the data to container
    • Refer Here for the changeset to upload blobs
  • Exercise: Create a storage account with three containers and upload atleast two blobs in each container from cli.
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