Azure Classroom Series – 30/Nov/2020

Azure shared Image gallery

  • Create a shared image gallery Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Lets create a ubuntu vm and install tomcat 8 in it
sudo apt update
sudo apt install openjdk-8-jdk tomcat8 -y
  • Generalize the VM and capture the image into shared image gallery
  • Once the image is created navigate to shared image gallery and you should be able to create vm/vm scaleset from there Preview

Scenario: lt-commerce

  • Lt commerce is a simple appliation with appserver storing the data in sql server
  • As of now we have one app server which stores the data in azure sql
  • As application has become popular, during peak hours application is performing slowly as we are running the application in only one vm Preview
  • We need an approach to increase vm’s automatically based on demand
  • How can we do this is azure.
  • Solution Approach:
    • Create a vm image which has your application configured.
    • Now we need to address how do i horizontally scale vms automatically (Virtual Machine Scale Sets )
    • We need to give an access to our users using one non vm endpoint, we create a loadbalancer
    • We will be creating a dns record to map loadbalancer ip address to some domain Preview

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