Azure Classroom Series – 16/Nov/2020

Azure Accounts & Subscriptions

  • Azure Account can have multiple Subscriptions such as Pay as you go, Free trail, msdn subscription …..
  • Each subscription can have multiple resource groups
  • With each resource group we can create resources Preview
  • Navigate to subscription from All Services and click on Add subscription to view the subscriptions available Preview
  • Tenant in Azure refers to single instance of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Azure AD is a platform that provides user, group and permission managament.
  • Each Subscription should be linked to a tenant.
  • One Tenant can be linked to multiple subscriptions, but one subscription will be linked to only one tenant Preview
  • Azure AD Tenants are globally unique and they are scoped with a domain that ends with and Tenant ID (UUID/GUID) Preview Preview
  • Prerequisites:

Next Steps

  • User/group management
  • Device Managment
  • AD Sync
  • AD Federation
  • AAD B2B
  • AAD B2C

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