Azure Classroom Series – 06/Oct/2020

Cloud Essentials Course

Cloud Delivery Models

  • Contentment organization is running different products for
    • healthcare industry
  • To run these products, we need Servers
  • Lets understand the Story of Jane, an IT Admin Preview
  • Now Jane has to setup the infra structure
  • Jane has procured servers and configured them to the network
  • Now Jane has to create virtual machine hypervisor like VMware/ Hyper-V on blade servers
  • Once that is done, she need to create virtual network, virtual storage and virtual machines on which the organizational applications run Preview
  • Contnement Organization has acquired an organization called as euphoria health, they have products on Home Health Care
  • To Manage Products of Home Healt Care, euphoria health has an admin mike. Preview
  • Mike has relatively less ownership when compared to Jane.
  • Mike is Using Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS) delivery model Preview
  • Now after looking at euphoria even contnetment products want to take the advantage of the cloud.
  • Contentment applications have the following architecture Preview
  • To help with this deployment they have hired a new architect martin Preview
  • Martin suggest using Platform as a Service Preview

Cloud Deployment Models

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