Azure Classroom Series – 26/Sept/2020

ARM Templates (Contd..)

  • Architecture We are trying to create Preview

  • The current changes are over here

  • Lets Deploy this template using Azure Portal

    • Create a new resource group Preview
    • Now Click on add resource and select template deployment Preview
  • note: Correct template is over here Preview Preview Preview

  • The template written so far can be shared with others, to create a vnet with 3 subnets

    • Improvements:
      • This template creates vnet with fixed names in East Us location with fixed ip adresses
  • Lets work on these improvements and ask the user for inputs. For doing this in ARM Templates we have Parameters Refer Here

  • Lets implement parameters in our template as mentioned over here Preview Preview Preview

  • Lets check the resources created in resource group Preview

  • Lets understand restrictions & Best practices of arm template Refer Here

  • Lets Try to group the parameters Refer Here

  • Lets try to create all the six subnets at one shot

  • Observations:

    • Rather than writing each subnet, if we can loop (for/while)
    • Passing cidr ranges of six subnets is pain why don’t we calculate?
  • Lets try to implement these changes in next session

  • Refer Here for template functions

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