Azure Classroom Series – 11/Feb/2021

Azure Database Migration Services

  • Two models for migrating Databases
  • Offline Migration:
    • Approach: Take a backup of source db and then restore this backup on to the destination (Azure SQL) Preview
    • Post Migration: Your application connection strings needs to be changed to the new database or dns records can be modified to reach to destination
  • Online Migration:
    • Approach: Preview Preview
  • Now lets perform a db migration by creating a simulate on-premise environment
    • by creating a windows server
    • Installing SQL Server on it
    • Creating a Sample Database
    • Then migrate to Azure SQL
  • On the Source VM
    • Install Chocolatey
    • Install Google Chrome browser
    • Install Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Refer Here
    • Install SQL Server Management Studio Refer Here
    • Download and restore the Adventureworks2016 Refer Here
  • Login into Azure Portal
    • Create a new resource group
    • Create a azure migrate project
    • Download DMA and run assessment
    • Upload the assesment report to azure Preview
  • Now Start migration using steps Refer Here

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