Azure Classroom Series – 02/Feb/2021

Scenario of LearningThoughts (LT)

  • Learning Thoughts has two datacenters in which they have
    • Storage Servers
    • Physical Servers on which they run HyperV
    • Networking Preview
  • When the developers/projects need any server infrastructure, LT uses virtualization to create virtual servers Preview
  • For Storing the shared data LT uses NAS/SAN systems
  • They have Databases which run on VM’s created by hypervisors
  • All the application infrastructure, will be created on vms
    • Web Server
    • App Server
    • Middleware Server
    • Databases
  • As part of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR), The two data centers are used.
    • Databases are replicated
    • Storage/Backups are replicated
  • LT has 4 different projects
    • project1
    • project2
    • project3
    • project4
  • LT projects use some common infra apart from project specific architecture
    • common infra
    • project specific infra
  • To maintain the above mentioned scenarios, LT has an IT team
    • Physical Network Engineers
    • IT admins (Windows Servers and Linux Servers)
    • VMWare/Hyper V admins
    • Storage administrator
    • Database Administrators
    • Datacenter admins
  • LT has decided to use Azure Cloud. They want to move from physical datacenter into Azure in a Phased Manner project by project.
  • This is something which we can call as migration to public cloud
  • If LT doesn’t want to move all the infrastructure to Azure, They want to run infrastructure on Azure as well as their own datacenters this is referred as Hybrid-cloud.
  • Questions to be Addressed
    • Which infrastructure should i move first
    • How to deal with downtimes
    • How to have a Backup & Recovery Plan on Azure
    • How to migrate
      • Virtual Machines
      • Physical Servers
      • Database Servers
      • Storage Server (SAN/NAS)
  • Micrsoft has developed Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework which is designet to help create and implement the business and technological strategies necessary for any organization to succeed in the cloud.


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