Azure Classroom Series – 26/Jan/2021

Implementing NOSQL Databases in Azure

  • Popular variants

    • Key-Value Databases
    • Document Databases
    • Graph Databases
  • In Azure We can create NOSQL Databases using

    • Azure Table Storage
    • Azure Cosmos Db
  • For Cache Database

    • Azure for Redis

Azure Cosmos DB

  • This is microsoft globally distributed multi-model database.

  • Azure Cosmos Account:

    • This is a logical construct that has globally unique DNS Name
    • This can be managed using Azure Portal, Azure CLI, AZ Powershell or language specific SDK
  • Azure Cosmos DB Account Creation Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • Azure CosmosDb Consistency Models

    • Strong
    • Bounded Stateless
    • Session
    • Consistent Prefix
    • Eventual Preview
  • Cosmos DB APIs Preview

  • Setting up replications in Cosmos DB Preview

  • To use the cosmos db from the application code refer the quick start item in Overview blade Preview

  • Configuring Backup Preview

  • Network Access Preview Preview

Cache in Azure

  • Azure Supports Cache by providing Redis as a service Preview Preview

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