Azure Classroom Series – 19/Jan/2021

vCore (Virtual Core) model

  • This is microsoft recommended purchasing model
    • where you get flexibility of independent scaling compute and storage to meet application needs
    • You get an option to use existing SQL Server License to save costs upto 55%
    • You can also reserve compute resources with Azure SQL Database Reserved Instances
  • VCore Model has the following service tiers
    • General Purpose: suited for dev/test. SLA 99.99% with IO Latency 5-10 ms .Compute and storage in General purpose tier has three options
      • Provisioned
      • Serverless
      • Hyperscale
    • Business Critical: Suited for production. SLA 99.99% with IO Latency 1-2 ms. We can also configure Read Scale-out at no extra cost Preview

Backup options in Azure SQL Databases

  • Create a azure SQL Database
  • note: To Connect to database use sql server management studio Refer Here or linqpad
  • Navigate to SQL Server and in the sql server blade choose manage backups Preview
  • Lets configure Long term Retention backups Preview
  • Lets see how to create a manual backup Preview Preview
  • To Restore your database using PiTR (Point in time Restore) Preview Preview

Scaling your database

  • Azure SQL Database can be scaled up or down Preview Preview

Configuring Geo-Replication

  • Azure SQL Database can be replicated to any region in Azure Preview Preview

Next Steps:

  • Automatic failover groups
  • SQL Server Security Options
  • Azure CLI & Azure Powershell Refer Here

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