Azure Classroom Series – 05/Jan/2021

Databases in Application Architecture

  • Scenario-1: Point of Sale System

    • Basic architecture Preview
    • Now BI (Business Intelligence System) will be querying the databases for analytics and reporting to make business decisions Preview
    • The deployment of reliance fresh is done in the following fashion Preview
    • Reliance has 2 physical data centers in Ahmedabad and pune
    • How do engineers setup middleware and sql in those datacenters?
      • Engineers will take physical/virtual machine (Middle ware)
      • install necessary operating system
      • install middleware software packages on the system
      • configure middleware
      • Need to do the same on the other middle ware systems
      • For Database, Engineers will take physical/virtual machine
      • install necessary os
      • install the sql database engine (SQL Server, mySQL, Postgres, Oracle)
      • Import the necessary data
      • Configure Replication settings to the other database engines
    • How does moving to Azure Help Reliance fresh?
      • Two Regions will be chosen for running server side components
      • Database:
        • Azure supports creating SQL Server, mySQL, Postgres directly as a service
        • so the only thing which engineers need to do is
          • configure replication (only telling in which region they want the replication to happen)
          • import the data
        • Middle ware:
          • Azure provides options of creating middleware by
            • choosing a vm
            • directly deploying middle ware application Preview
  • Note:

  • Lets just see how easy or difficult creating an azure sql database

    • Create a resource group Preview Preview Preview Preview
    • Now Select SQL Database from all services Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
    • Database will be created in few minutes Preview Preview

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