Azure Classroom Series – 07/Oct/2020

Azure App Service

  • This is Azure PAAS and serverless solution.
  • We can use these services to host
    • web applications
    • API applications
    • mobile applications
    • logic apps
  • To host applicatications azure offers you app service plans
  • Capabilities:
    • Multiple Languages & frameworks: Deploy apps developed in
      • ASP.NET
      • ASP.NET Core
      • Java
      • Ruby
      • Nodejs
      • PHP
      • Python
      • We can also run Powershell & other scripts which can be executed in the background.
    • DevOps Optimized: Easy to Deploy with
      • Azure DevOps
      • GitHub
      • BitBucket
      • DockerHub
      • ACR
    • Global Scaling with high availability
    • API and mobile features
    • Serverless code
    • Operating Systems: Linux & Windows are supported.
  • Refer Here for official documentation.
  • For Pricing Refer Here
  • Whats free in App Services? Navigate to All Services => free
    • App Services are free for lifetime for the following plan Preview Preview
    • To understand these better lets understand app service plans

Understanding Azure App Service Plans

  • Azure offers the following Service Plans
    • Dev/Test
    • Production
    • Isolated Preview
  • Dev Test:
    • Free & Shared are both part of this service plan
    • Your apps run in a shared environment on same VM as other apps (from other customers also).
    • Each app has a CPU quota & there is ability to scale up or out
    • Lets Create a sample app in a free plan Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
    • With Every Service Plan which we choose we get additional features and hardware info Preview


  • Ensure You have azure account created
  • The softwares to be installed on your machine Refer Here

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