Azure Classroom Series – 30/Sept/2020

Adding Outputs

  • In this section we add outputs for observations
  • ARM Templates have two deployment modes
    • Incremental
    • Complete
  • Incremental is the default deployment.
  • In either of the cases azure will try to create the resources mentioned in template. In incremental mode, if the resource is already created then it will skip creation. In Complete mode azure will try to delete the existing resources and create everything.

Azure ARM Template deployment from CLI

  • Watch Here for setting up the powershell and cli on your machine
  • Create a resource group
az group create --location 'CentralUs' --name 'fromcli'
az group deployment create -g 'fromcli' --template-file ntier.json
# prefer using
az deployment group create -g 'fromcli' --template-file ntier.json
az group delete --name 'fromcli'

Azure ARM Template from Powershell

  • Powershell
New-AzResourceGroup -Name 'fromps' -Location 'CentralUs'
New-AzResourceGroupDeployment -ResourceGroupName 'fromps' -TemplateFile ./ntier.json
Remove-AzResourceGroup -Name 'fromps'

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